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Whether you need a medication with modified dosage strength, flavour, or an allergen-free preparation, we have you covered. We go beyond merely dispensing your medications; we will collaborate closely with you to ensure you get the best patient outcomes and treatment plans.

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Advantages of compounded medications

Customised Strengths

Medications with specific dosage strengths

Flavouring Options

Custom flavour medications that are more palatable


Medications that exclude allergens

Alternative Forms

Dosage forms including creams and lozenges

Discontinued Medicine

Recreate medications using raw ingredients

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How can a pharmacist help?

Pharmacists go beyond merely dispensing medications; they collaborate closely with patients and their healthcare teams to understand the patient's unique requirements and develop highly individualised solutions, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy. This, in turn, contributes to improved patient outcomes and enhanced satisfaction with their treatment plans.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A compounding pharmacy is a specialised pharmacy that can create customised medications according to individual patient needs. Unlike regular pharmacies, compounding pharmacies have the ability to alter existing medications or create entirely new formulations to meet specific patient requirements. This can involve adjusting dosages, removing allergens, or adding flavours, among other modifications.

Personalised compounding services offer various benefits including the ability to customise medication dosages to match unique patient sensitivities, exclude allergens for those with allergies, and add flavours to enhance palatability. Overall, these services contribute to improved patient compliance, targeted treatment, and a more comfortable treatment experience.

Customised medication can improve patient outcomes by increasing medication adherence, offering targeted treatment, and ensuring a better quality of life through personalised care. By tailoring medications to individual needs, patients are more likely to take their medication as prescribed, leading to better treatment outcomes and an improved healthcare experience.

To find a trusted compounding pharmacy, start by searching online or seeking recommendations from healthcare professionals, friends, or family members. Look for a compounding pharmacy with qualified pharmacists, a wide range of services, and accessibility to suit your lifestyle. A nearby day and night pharmacy can be an added advantage as it offers extended hours to cater to patients' needs.

Pharmacists play a crucial role in crafting personalised medications as they possess the expertise, skills, and knowledge to create bespoke compounds that meet patient-specific requirements. They ensure that each medication is formulated safely and effectively to achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes while minimising potential side effects.

Compounded medications can address a broad range of health issues, including customised skincare treatments for dermatological needs, personalised pain management solutions, and weight loss medications. Compounding pharmacies have the capacity to create tailored medication options to suit patients' unique health needs and preferences.

When ordering from an online chemist, it is important to ensure the provider is reputable, credible, and adheres to safety and quality standards. Look for reviews and check their accreditations to make sure you receive genuine, safe medications. It may also be useful to consider accessibility to online pharmacist consultations and virtual healthcare services, as these can enhance your healthcare experience.