Flo Travel Nasal Spray 20 ml

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$16.99 or 4 interest-free payments of $4.25 with

FLO Travel is a preservative free, isotonic saline nasal spray containing Carrageenan (red seaweed extract). FLO Travel helps to keep nasal tissue hydrated which aids in natural nasal immunity and increases the rate of recovery from colds due to Coronaviruses, Rhinoviruses and Influenza viruses.

Product Detail

Using FLO Travel relieves nasal dryness which supports the nose’s natural action to protect against colds and viruses., making it beneficial to use while travelling.

FLO Travel to protect and support nasal health and shortens & reduces cold symptoms. It is best to use in air-conditioned environments, when prone to colds and when suffering cold symptoms.

Flo Travel is a moisturising nasal spray with natural clinically-tested Carrageenan (red seaweed extract) and isotonic saline solution which:

 - relieves nasal dryness
 - washes away germs and airborne irritants
 - helps protect your nasal immunity
 - shortens the duration and symptoms of colds

Product Specifications
Sodium Chloride, Carrageenan 1.6mg/mL

First time use: Remove the protective cap and prime the pump by depressing the round flange several times until the first spray is seen.

Place nozzle into one nostril (with the tip pointing towards the top of the ear on the same side of the head) and insert the required dose while breathing in through the nose.

Repeat for other nostril. Wipe the nozzle with a clean tissue and replace protective cap after use.

Do not use FLO Travel if you have a history of recurrent nose bleeds or are taking anticoagulant medication.

Store the product out of sight and reach of children. Refer to product leaflet for more information.

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Flo Travel Nasal Spray 20 ml
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