Neilmed Netipot 60 Sachets

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Neilmed Netipot 60 Sachets

NasaFlo Neti Pot is a natural soothing saline nasal wash. Neti pots have been around for thousands of years, mainly used by yoga enthusiasts.

Product Detail

Use For:

Nasal Allergies, Dryness & Hay Fever Sinus Pressure & Nasal Stuffiness Nasal Symptoms from Flu & Cold Nasal Irritation from Occupational & House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Smoke, etc. Post Nasal Drip & Nasal Congestion


Easy Flow, No Spill, No Mess Pot Design
Premixed Packets of all natural, USP Grade (Purity level 99% or higher) Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate
Preservative, Drug, Iodine, BPA, Gluten and Latex Free
Suitable for use after sinus surgery and during pregnancy.
Convenient for travel


- 1 Clear NasaFlo Neti Pot
-60 Packets of USP grade Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture (pH Balanced, Isotonic & Preservative & Iodine Free)
-Educational Brochure
-Directions for use in English, Spanish & French

Directions For Use

Please read Warning before using. Our recommendation is to replace Neti Pot every three months.
IMPORTANT:NeilMed SINUS RINSE Mixture Packets should be used with NeilMed 240 mL (8 fl oz) NASAFLO to achieve the best results. You may use NeilMed packets with other irrigation devices, as long as you mix with the correct volume of water. Our recommendation is to replace Neti Pot every three months.

Step 1Please wash your hands and rinse the device. Fill the NASAFLO with 240 mL (8 fl oz) of lukewarm distilled, filtered or previously boiled water. Please do not use tap or faucet water to dissolve the mixture unless it has been previously boiled and cooled down. You may warm the water in a microwave, but we recommend that you warm it in increments of 5 to 10 seconds to avoid overheating, damaging the device or scalding your nasal passage.
Step 2Cut the SINUS RINSE mixture packet at the corner and pour contents into the pot. Tighten the lid on the device securely. Place one finger over the hole of the cap and shake the device gently to dissolve the mixture.
Step 3Standing in front of a sink, bend forward to your comfort level and tilt your head to one side. Keeping your mouth open, and without holding your breath, apply the tip of the device snugly against your nasal passage and ALLOW THE SOLUTION TO GENTLY FLOW until the solution starts draining from the opposite nasal passage. Use roughly half the solution in the NASAFLO (120 mL / 4 fl oz). It should not enter your mouth unless you are tilting your head backwards. To adjust or stop the flow, you may place your finger over the hole of the cap, and depending on the seal, you may be able to control the flow.
Step 4 Blow your nose very gently, without pinching nose completely to avoid pressure on eardrums. If tolerable, sniff in gently any residual solution remaining in the nasal passage once or twice, because this may clean out the posterior nasopharyngeal area, which is the area at the back of your nasal passage. At times, some solution will reach the back of your throat, so please spit it out. For NASAFLO users, to help drain any residual solution, blow your nose gently while tilting your head forward and to the same side of the nasal passage you just rinsed.
Step 5 Now repeat steps 3 & 4 on your other nasal passage. If there is any solution left over, please discard it. We recommend you make a fresh solution each time you rinse. Rinse once or twice daily OR as directed by your physician.

Incorrect use could be harmful. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

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