Olympea Eau De Parfum 50ml

Paco Rabanne|50 ml
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Women, take back your power. Olympa perfume. The absolute icon. The special one. A carnal salty vanilla that will make the man in your life drop to his knees.

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Olympa. Goddess of modern times, A fresh, powerful oriental scent, carried by a "salty vanilla" harmony that adores skin. And a fresh-carnal duel: floral impulse with green tangerine, water jasmine and ginger flower. "Skin" effect of salted vanilla. A sensual, exponential, almost animal fragrance for women. Heated by ambergris and Kashmiri wood. Fatal.

Captivating salty vanilla. Jasmine water and ginger flower surrounded by Kashmir. An exponential carnal effect.

A fresh oriental scent built on a "salty vanilla" harmony. Duality between two intensities :

- Floral-fresh impulse: green tangerine, water jasmine, ginger flower

- Captivating sensuality: salty vanilla, ambergris harmony, cashmere wood

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Olympea Eau De Parfum 50ml
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