Strataderm Scar Therapy 20g

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Strataderm is a once per day professional scar therapy gel.

Product Detail

Strataderm Scar Gel prevents abnormal scarring

Who can use Strataderm?

Strataderm is designed for all skin types. It is suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children or people with sensitive skin.

How to use Strataderm?

Strataderm is easy to use just once a day or after each wash.

For best results, Strataderm should stay in continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day/7 days a week).

What are the ingredients of Strataderm?

Strataderm consists of polymer chains with different properties to give it the perfect consistency for a scar treatment gel.

Polydimethylsiloxanes, siloxanes, alkylmethyl silicones.

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Strataderm Scar Therapy 20g
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