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Zyrtec Kids Liquid Grape 120ml

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Suitable for children 1+
12 hr relief
Great grape and bubble gum flavour
Sugar and gluten free
Measuring cup included

Product Detail

Zyrtec Kids Allergy & Hayfever Antihistamine Oral Liquid Grape flavour provides fast acting 12 hour relief from the symptoms of hayfever & allergies for children aged 1+.

Zyrtec Kids Rapid Acting 12 hour Allergy & Hayfever Relief Antihistamine Oral Liquid Grape flavour relieves hayfever & year around allergy symptoms, and is sugar and gluten free. Zyrtec Kids Oral Liquid Grape flavour is suitable for children 1+ and has a measuring cup included.

Zyrtec Kids contains the active ingredient, cetirizine, which helps to block the production of histamine to relieve symptoms of hayfever and year round allergies. Cetirizine is part of a class of medications called antihistamines.

When your little ones' immune system takes offence to an outside particle or substance, their body produces antibodies to attack this normally harmless substance by releasing a chemical called histamine. Antihistamines work by blocking histamine receptors, keeping their immune system from reacting to the allergen.

Having allergies can be frustrating at times, whether they’re making your eyes itch, your nose run, or a combination of the two. So, it’s a relief to know that antihistamines can help relieve your symptoms.

If you know your child’s weight, choose the dose for that weight rather than according to the child’s age.

Do not use
In children under 1 year of age
If hypersensitive to any of the ingredients

Ask your doctor before use
In children with liver or kidney disease

- If symptoms persist, worsen or new symptoms appear, including blisters with or without rash or fever, stop use and see your doctor
- This medication may cause drowsiness
- In the event of an overdose, seek medical attention immediately
- Tighten cap after use to engage child resistant closure

Contains: Benzoates, sucralose, sorbates and sorbitol. Products containing sorbitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea.
Does not contain gluten, lactose, sugar, colour/dye, and no added parabens.

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Zyrtec Kids Liquid Grape 120ml
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